At E.G.O., we have set our sights high. For a start, we want to reduce CO2 emissions by 65 % by 2030. By 2024, we intend to convert at least one plant to make it climate-neutral, build a new climate-neutral building, and realign a product range to meet the requirements of a circular economy. In the long term, these must become standard practice for us worldwide, at all our 23 sales and production locations in 19 countries.
Vorsitzender der Geschäftsführung der E.G.O.-Gruppe Dirk Schallock

Chairman of the Management Board

Vorsitzender der Geschäftsführung der B.PRO-Gruppe Egon Koller

Chairman of the Management Board

As sustainability has always been part of B.PRO’s DNA, we will play our part in contributing to TRIPLE P (PERFORMANCE, PLANET, PEOPLE). This year, we’re focusing on backing up our products with facts. Factors such as longevity, repairability, and recyclability are becoming increasingly important for our customers, and if we officially prove that our products can deliver them, this will give us a real competitive advantage.

The next step also includes analyzing the product life cycle of selected B.PRO products The first projects have already been formalized, and our Research & Development team will soon start working on the aforementioned sustainability-related issues.

It’s important to us and our customers and consumers all over the world that the kitchen water hub exhibits convincing durability. That’s why we continue to focus on outstanding product quality! At the same time, we will continuously improve the footprint of our UNITs. Among other things, our action plan includes carrying out product life cycle assessments, creating what is known as ecological balance sheets, and tackling the development of more environmentally friendly packaging. And: “doing good“ can taste good too! BLANCO’s multifunctional mixer taps with freshly filtered and sparkling water offer BLANCO’s alternative to PET bottles.

Vorsitzender der Geschäftsführung der BLANCO-Gruppe Frank Gfrörer

Chairman of the Management Board

Vorsitzender der Geschäftsführung der ARPA-Gruppe Stephane Jedele

Chairman of the Management Board

In the global perception of limited resources, we empower our employees to transfer their enthusiasm for the issue of sustainability and our mission to our customers. One important goal here is to increase the efficiency of our fully assembled household appliances to an extreme degree. This also includes ensuring that products can be used or recycled more intensively and for longer, e.g. through new processes or repair options. We also want to help consumers reduce their electricity consumption when cooking with additional functions.
The biggest challenge will be to raise awareness among employees and to influence supplier and customer decisions as much as feasible. Products must be designed to be sustainable. The “throwaway society” must become aware of how natural resources are being wasted. As a company, we can set a good example by designing our actions, our procedures, and our processes to be future-driven and sustainable.
Geschäftsführer der KUGEL Edelstahlverarbeitung GmbH Stephan Daiminger

Managing Director of
KUGEL Edelstahlverarbeitung GmbH

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