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The road ahead for sustainability

Three questions for Frank Gfrörer

Mr. Gfrörer, you are the member of the management board of the BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding responsible for sustainability. Which tasks are top of your agenda?
We must continue to work intensively on firmly anchoring the management of sustainability in our global organization, right down to the specialist units. To do this, we need the right expertise and the right systems. In addition, we are now laying the foundations for further developing our sustainability reporting and adapting it to the extensive regulatory provisions.
What sustainability challenges do the business groups under the umbrella of the BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding face?

Despite different business models and market conditions, the sustainability challenges are similar: the aim is to further improve the CO balance sheet, align production processes and the products themselves more resource-efficiently, implement more circular economy principles, and live up to our social responsibility in the supply chain. The basis for this must be a uniform management system across the company with binding methods and approaches, whether in matters of materiality, climate target setting, or product evaluation.

The business groups cover a broad product portfolio for the kitchen living space. What scope do you see here for more sustainability?
We must make it clear to our commercial customers and end consumers what added value we are creating with regard to the sustainability challenges of our time. We are talking about issues such as the use of raw materials in our products, as well as packaging and disposal issues, which we are working on intensively. But of course, we also want to talk about how our products can help reduce energy consumption or to use fewer resources in everyday life. Last but not least, we must make it clear under what conditions our products are created, how we design our fulfillment processes, and how we work responsibly with our suppliers and partners.

Sustainability Report 2023
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Long-term thinking and responsible action have been part of the DNA of our family business for almost 100 years now. We face the ethical, social, and environmental issues of our time with an unshakable awareness of our corporate responsibility. To manage this in the long term, economic success is needed.

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A real plus

Even during their vocational education, the BLANC & FISCHERTraining Academy enables young people to think outside the box: learning languages, gaining professional experience in another country, and personal development create an excellent foundation for future professional success.

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