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Dear Reader,

Our founders’ guiding principle was “be responsible for your own actions, measured by the well-being of the whole.” We have continued following this maxim to this day: Social, ecological, and economic concerns must be reconciled from an entrepreneurial perspective in order to create benefits that serve more than just self-interest. Today, we call this approach “sustainable business.”

Put this way, sustainability has always been at the heart of our company. For us, this doesn’t mean that we should strive for superlatives at any price, but rather operate in such a way that we and future generations can live well on our planet— in keeping with the tradition of our founders Heinrich Blanc and Karl Fischer, who agreed that entrepreneurship also means taking a stance and assuming responsibility. And making the world a little better.

This attitude still determines our actions as BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding with five subgroups at 54 locations in 23 countries, and with over 8,300 employees. Sustainability is an integral part of our corporate goals and strategy: PERFORMANCE, PLANET, PEOPLE— these are the core areas on the basis of which we balance our economic interests with sustainability efforts and social responsibility.

Examples of this include procuring biogas from farmers as energy suppliers, the Future Kitchen Lab, apprentices experiencing the sustainability of raw materials through art, and a mixer tap that can deliver sparkling or boiling water ready to drink. Sustainably and in line with our philosophy of improving the everyday life of people in the kitchen with our technology, products, and applications.

Heinrich Blanc and Karl Fischer would have loved it. After all, respect for and appreciation of people and nature, as well as nature’s resources, was important to them. So was the tenacity to be able to overcome resistance and not simply take the most convenient path. As a result, they set up social employment contracts early on and developed the first electric hotplate suitable for everyday use. In short: Sustainability since 1925.

Our Sustainability Report “A.I.R.—Action. Innovation. Responsibility.” will tell you all about this. Take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy the read! I hope you will find some exciting insights. Please don’t hesitate to share your views with us. I look forward to engaging with you.

Yours sincerely, Dr. Johannes Haupt

Dr. Johannes Haupt, CEO der BLANC & FISCHER Familienholding

Sustainability Report 2021
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Firmengebäude der BLANC & FISCHER Familienholding

Which way to sustainability?

PERFORMANCE, PLANET, and PEOPLE – three words, known as 3P or Triple P. In order to integrate these sustainability dimensions into the corporate strategy of BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding and its subgroups, a project was set up across subgroups.

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Let’s do this

We encounter sustainability in many different ways. Biogas helps us save energy and CO2, we recycle valuable raw materials to make lamps from leftover material, and innovative and smart kitchen appliances allow us to continue shaping kitchen living spaces worldwide.

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