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The BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding has been characterized by long-term thinking and responsible action since its founding days – and this is also reflected in its approach to sustainability. We see sustainability not merely as a mandatory task, but as our social responsibility. As a driver of innovation towards clean tech, it even gives us a decisive competitive advantage.

Our latest sustainability report shows how we tackle this social and corporate responsibility, and what progress we have made towards greater sustainability – jointly, as a family holding company, and at the level of the individual Group companies.

We’re looking for ways to reduce our CO2 emissions along the entire value-added chain and increase our energy efficiency. In Germany, we already only purchase electricity from renewable sources today. And we have the same objective for our international locations.

The products made by our Group companies can be found in households around the world. Innovative products that are durable and efficient in terms of consumption are therefore a decisive lever for reaching our sustainability goals. We’re working on making all our products resource-conserving, repairable, and recyclable.

Sustainable growth is a prerequisite for achieving these goals. Profitability and efficiency are basic conditions for opening up new market opportunities: Internationally – particularly in Asia and North America – but also through new business models, for example as a system provider instead of a supplier of individual components.

Going forward, the BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding and its Group companies – including all employees, managers, and business partners – will continue on its sustainable and successful path. On the following pages, you can read about how we are working towards a sustainable future – with specific goals and measures – in line with our corporate strategy PERFORMANCE, PLANET, PEOPLE. I hope you enjoy reading this informative issue!

Sincerely, Bernd Eckl

Signatur von Bernd Eckl

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Sustainability Report 2022
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