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Fair play is

The Compliance Management System

The BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding and its business groups are known as reliable, responsible, and fair business partners in their actions. The BLANC & FISCHER Compliance Management System protects this reputation by ensuring compliance with applicable laws and internal rules.

The Compliance Management System aims to prevent significant violations of internal and external rules. In this way, it ensures lasting corporate success. External rules to be complied with include regulations from international agreements on the handling of hazardous waste and on the conservation of natural resources. We also expect our business partners and employees to observe the principles of ecological, social, and ethical conduct. Training courses and further education are also provided to ensure that employees are up-to-date on the latest rules and requirements.

The Compliance Management System is based on the Audit Standard 980 of the Institute of Public Auditors in Germany e. V. and applies to all BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding companies worldwide. As a central function, the Head of Corporate Compliance manages the Compliance Management System. They are supported by Compliance Coordinators in the business groups, who in turn are supported by Compliance Ambassadors from the individual companies and sites.

A key component of the Compliance Management System is the regular compliance risk analysis. This forms the basis for the compliance program, which is intended to minimize the identified risks. In addition to training and further education, it also includes internal organizational instructions. If a possible compliance violation becomes known, the Head of Corporate Compliance immediately clarifies the matter independently. The whistleblower system ensures that every employee and third parties can report any compliance violations confidentially and anonymously within the framework of the legal regulations.

Sustainability Report 2023
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