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Dear Readers,

Long-term thinking and responsible action have been part of the DNA of our family business for almost 100 years now. We face the ethical, social, and environmental issues of our time with an unshakable awareness of our corporate responsibility. To manage this in the long term, economic success is needed.

We at the BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding therefore always take a three-pronged approach to sustainability: Performance, People, and Planet. This Sustainability Report provides an insight into a wide range of activities in these dimensions of sustainability.

To do justice to the strategic importance of sustainability, we have set an important course in the BLANC & FISCHER business group: this includes a company-wide organizational structure with a newly created Corporate Sustainability division that reports directly to the management board. The associated team is set up across functions and across the business groups.

Structural work in 2022 included the development of systematic key figure reporting; with this report, we are already presenting selected key figures in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standard for the first time. With our first product life cycle assessments, we are also looking far beyond production. A newly developed standard enables a faster and more uniform procedure for all companies belonging to the BLANC & FISCHER business group.

In the year under review, particular focus was also placed on expanding the mechanisms in place to protect the environment and human rights in our supply chains. As a medium-sized company, the regulatory requirements presented us with major challenges. Nevertheless, the result is impressive: a modern Supply Chain Compliance Management System that provides a reliable basis for our global supply relationships.

In all our structural adjustments, it is our employees who bring the sustainability structures to life with their expertise and passion. Giving them the means and freedom they need is a top priority.

I hope you enjoy reading this informative issue! Please feel free to share your views with us. I look forward to talking to you. 

Bernd Eckl

Signatur von Bernd Eckl

Sustainability Report 2023
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