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Deeply rooted,
lived by every day

The BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding
Value Framework

Putting corporate values on paper is one thing. Living by them is another. Communicating these values consistently in day-to-day business is the real challenge.

Values are on trend. Companies have long recognized the importance of these both internally and externally, not least in the often-mentioned battle for talent in the labor market. The fact that the values of the BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding were laid down in the shareholders’ family charter in 2014 is an expression of the now 100-year-old company DNA, and not a fad. The values provide orientation and a sense of community, while at the same time shaping the company’s external image.

Almost a century ago, Heinrich Blanc and Karl Fischer founded the companies BLANCO and E.G.O. independently of each other. From these, the BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding later grew with seven companies (company groups) today. The entrepreneurs strived to be permanent leaders in their strategic business areas. At the same time, they lived by their values—and were highly successful in doing so.

First and foremost a family business
Think long-term and act sustainably
Inventive spirit: innovations that improve people’s lives
Strengthen employees’ sense of identification with the company
Support employees, strengthen their own initiative, assign responsibility
Fairness and loyalty

As a medium-sized family business, our strong value framework helps us to attract top talent and to remain an attractive employer in the long term. It provides orientation and support in extremely dynamic times.

Bernd Eckl
CEO of the BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding

E.G.O. founder Karl Fischer (1st from the left) and BLANCO founder Heinrich Blanc (2nd from the right) with business partners


Heinrich Blanc and Karl Fischer independently founded the companies "Blanc & Co Metallwarenfabrik Oberderdingen" and "Schwarzwälder Zangenkontakt-Werkstätte Oberweiler", which was renamed "Elektro-Gerätebau GmbH Oberweiler" in 1927. 1931 saw the beginning of the partnership between the two companies in Oberderdingen that continues until today.

Innovative thinking, pioneering spirit, and hard work were among these values. Careful use of resources was also important to the two companies early on. These values, which are deeply rooted in the company’s history, still apply today. The BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding consistently strives to anchor the value framework in its everyday work for the long term. In 2022, for example, the Leadership Principles were used to develop new guidelines for managers, focusing largely on matters such as a modern feedback and error culture.

Keeping the inventive spirit of the founders alive is one of the company’s core concerns. With the new BLANC & FISCHER-wide innovation process, the innovation teams of the BLANCO, E.G.O., B.PRO, and ARPA business groups are working even more closely together. Their expertise ranges from the water hub with the BLANCO UNIT (faucet or water system, sink or basin, waste and organization system), to the fireplace with control and heating technology from E.G.O. for hobs and household appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines, to expertise in food logistics in commercial kitchens.

With this unrivaled combination of knowledge and experience under one roof, the BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding is consistently enhancing the kitchen living space. Last but not least, this report shows that the business activities of the BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding and its business groups are based on the principles of long-term thinking and sustainable action. In addition to the ecological footprint of the plants and products, they keep an eye on the supply chains and create real added value for people using their solutions. Just as the founders would have wanted.

Sustainability Report 2023
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