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In-house recycling
At ETA d.o.o. Cerkno, Slovenia (E.G.O. Slovenia), a project team looked for ways to reduce scrap metal from the stamping shop or to recycle it in a more climate-friendly way. Part of the scrap metal is now melted down on the spot instead of being handed over to a recycling truck.

When the members of the project team looked at recycling scrap metal from metal parts production, they took a closer look at the individual components. They began collecting the metals separately and examined individual recycling options.

The result is impressive: scrap metal from uncoated, cold-rolled belts can now be reused in another production area, the foundry. In our own melting furnace, the leftovers go back into the in-house material cycle instead of entering the recycling chain as scrap metal via external service providers.

As a result, the site is cutting the amount of scrap metal to be transported and processed by recycling companies by 25 t per year. A further 14 t of scrap metal is saved annually through optimized processes and improved cooperation with suppliers.

GRI 306-3

Total waste


The term waste refers to everything that an organization disposes of, intends to dispose of, or is required to dispose of, excluding waste water.

In general, a distinction is made between non-hazardous and hazardous waste. Hazardous waste possesses at least one of the properties contained in the Basel Convention or is classified as hazardous in accordance with national legislation.

Waste generated (t)


Total quantity of waste produced
Quantity of hazardous waste

Sustainability Report 2023
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Fair play is

The BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding and its business groups are known as reliable, responsible, and fair business partners in their actions. The BLANC & FISCHER Compliance Management System protects this reputation by ensuring compliance with applicable laws and internal rules.

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15,000 sqm

Photovoltaic modules are particularly suitable as a form of renewable energy. A PV system has now been installed on the approximately 15,000 m² roof of the E.G.O. plant in Taicang, China. A tree was also planted to symbolize the green energy.

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