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Every drop counts
Without water, there is no life; it is the most valuable resource our planet has to offer. Reason enough to systematically investigate the importance of water for the companies of the BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding and, on the other hand, the importance of these companies for water. Too little water supply or a drop in the groundwater level as a result of climate change can lead to both ecological and enormous economic damage. This must be avoided in the interests of the environment and the company.

Collecting data

Before each analysis, data must be collected. When it comes to water, this means analyzing counters and invoices. A careful distinction is made between surface water (e.g. rainwater), groundwater, seawater, produced water, and water from third parties (water provided in local water networks). In 2022, we further improved our internal structures. With this report, the company is publishing key figures on the subject of water for the first time.

Ask clever questions

Now it’s time to analyze the existing data. Detailed split data ensures transparency. The analysis shows, for example, correlations with production volumes and heat periods. Achievements in water-saving measures can also be seen. The survey also examines which production sites are located in water-stressed regions. This means that more water is taken than is available for human needs and for nature.

Take action

Based on the results, our teams at the sites can initiate concrete measures to reduce water consumption, especially in water-stressed regions. You can find out what this looks like in practice on the following pages.

A region is referred to as a water-stressed region if the ratio between annual water withdrawal and the total available annual water supply is high (from 40 %) or very high (over 80 %). The higher the percentage, the higher the water withdrawal compared to the water supply per year. The “Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas” of the “World Resources Institute” is used to identify these regions.

Sustainability Report 2023
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Thousands of liters
of water saved

The Spanish site of the E.G.O.-Group, E.G.O. Appliance Controls, S.L.U. (EAC), is located in Lliçà de Vall (near Barcelona) in a region severely affected by water scarcity. Employees have therefore been working hard to reduce their water consumption since 2020—with great success.

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More sustainable products and innovations

Life cycle assessments, also known as LCAs, consider the life cycle of a product or process from raw material extraction to production, all the way through to waste treatment and recycling. “From cradle to grave”, each step is analyzed in detail.

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