The third Saturday in September every year is World Cleanup Day. This was also the case on September 18, 2021, when 13.5 million people from 191 countries took to the streets, headed into parks and forests, to beaches and river banks, and waded into rivers and seas, in order to collect thoughtlessly discarded waste and then dispose of it properly. A great campaign in which many employees from the company groups of the BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding also participated.
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Mitarbeiter beim Müllsammeln
Sustainability has played an important role at BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding for many decades. This also includes producing less waste and, above all, disposing of it properly. Not carelessly throwing packaging on the ground is a crucial factor on the road to a healthier environment. It was a matter of course for the employees of BLANCO, BLANC & FISCHER Corporate Services, and E.G.O. at the Oberderdingen location to honor World Cleanup Day by cleaning the green areas around the plant, equipped with tongs, gloves, and trash bags.


It’s even more fun together! That’s why our colleagues at E.G.O. Elektrikli Aletler Sanayi A.S (E.G.O. Turkey) joined in too. On World Cleanup Day, 60 employees and their families set off for the coast in Marmaraereğlisi, near the city of Çorlu. At the end of the day, this group alone filled 160 trash bags. What’s more, they were thanked personally by the mayor of the city and got to enjoy the feeling of having made a difference together.
Mitarbeiter der E.G.O. beim Müllsammeln


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Countless cigarette butts, packaging, polystyrene, gas caps, floor mats, toys, masks, glass bottles, and diapers—and that’s just a small selection of the trash found in bushes, meadows, and bodies of water. And that although it’s so easy to dispose of trash properly. There’s a garbage can at almost every corner – and if there isn’t, any trash can just be taken home and disposed of there.


According to the environmental protection organization Surfrider Foundation Europe, around eight million tons of plastic waste end up in the oceans every year. In some places around the world, 95 % of marine litter is plastic. Coral reefs, fish, and other sea creatures die, the ecosystem suffers—and we are responsible for this. There’s only one solution: plastic waste must be reduced significantly – by everyone.

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Standort in Oberderdingen
“I would like to thank all participants in this year’s World Cleanup Day as well as all volunteers who collect trash on their own initiative and ensure that our community remains beautiful,” said Ober­derdingen’s Mayor Thomas Nowitzki, praising the volunteers’ commitment at the German location.



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