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Shaping the digital transformation together
Besides sustainability, the introduction of digital technologies is currently one of the biggest challenges companies are facing. Everyone is talking about “digitalization”, one of the buzzwords of recent years, and new solutions and business models are literally sprouting from the ground.

The definition of digitalization in the corporate context is only seemingly simple: One understands the automation of processes and procedures. These may be in development or production, but also in administration. However, digitalization means much more: it also concerns the intelligence of products and can open up new business models. Digitalization is therefore not only about switching to automatic processes, but about a logical alignment with future ways of working. Skilled workers should be deployed specifically where human intelligence is needed. 

There are several digitalization initiatives within the BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding. They are based on the knowledge that exists in the holding company and the individual business groups. “Transparency is important for defining projects and orchestrating cooperation,” says Bernd Eckl, CEO of the BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding. This is the only way to ensure that tasks are not carried out two or even three times.

Digitalization is one of the cornerstones of a sustainable and livable future.

Bernd Eckl
CEO BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding

Basis for all initiatives

One of the joint projects is the “Introduction of SAP S/4HANA,” a new software for corporate resource planning that is being launched in the largest business groups.It serves as the basis for all other digitalization initiatives. The software is intended to standardize various IT platforms and automate processes to a large extent. Eckl: “This creates efficiency and cost effects that ensure faster development of new products and business models.” 

Smart production, innovation, and growth, and, last but not least, a stable and effective supply chain are the stated aims of the BLANC & FISCHER-Group. To safeguard these in the long term, there is another joint project called “Future IT”. The roads defined in the previous program phases of “Future IT” for the strategies of the individual business groups are to be taken in unison. “Future IT” aims to support the competitiveness and long-term success of the BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding and its companies through effective business processes and the most flexible and efficient overall IT landscape possible.

Digital and sustainable

If you don’t want to be left behind, you have to follow global technological development. “We also want to digitalize and simplify our processes to free up the resources we need for other tasks in the company and, last but not least, to meet our sustainability goals,” says CEO Bernd Eckl. The aim is also to save as much material and energy as possible with the help of digital support and to generally act in a resource-saving way. “Digitalization is one of the cornerstones of a sustainable and livable future.”

Sustainability Report 2023
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More sustainable products and innovations

Life cycle assessments, also known as LCAs, consider the life cycle of a product or process from raw material extraction to production, all the way through to waste treatment and recycling. “From cradle to grave”, each step is analyzed in detail.

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A real plus

Even during their vocational education, the BLANC & FISCHERTraining Academy enables young people to think outside the box: learning languages, gaining professional experience in another country, and personal development create an excellent foundation for future professional success.

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