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Innovative minds
on a common mission
To make better use of company-wide know-how, the innovation teams are now working even more closely together. The stated aim: the kitchen of the future.

Inventiveness was already considered a guarantee of entrepreneurial success during the lifetime of the two BLANCO and E.G.O. founding fathers Heinrich Blanc and Karl Fischer. The benchmark was set early on: real innovations must make life easier. And, people must be willing to pay for them, precisely for this reason. 

Sustainability is more important than ever for the innovation teams. Bernd Eckl, CEO of the BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding, lists some of the questions associated with this: “What is the ecological footprint in production, how energy-efficient are the products in operation, and how can a long service life be guaranteed? Added to this is the dimension of the circular economy: What happens to the product after it reaches the end of its life? We still have a lot of work ahead of us here especially.” A new innovation process was introduced in 2022 to boost innovative ability. The innovation teams of E.G.O., BLANCO, B.PRO, and ARPA are now working even more closely together. They meet regularly, share skills, discuss ideas, and inspire each other. In this way, they benefit from each other and can develop integrated solutions under one roof with their varied market and product knowledge. This is precisely what is crucial for ideas and later innovations that will help shape the kitchen of the future.

Innovation is the driving force of the company. Our objective must be to put people and their needs at the center of what we do. Only in this way can we benefit our customers. This applies to everything that we do—back then as well as today.

Karl Fischer
Founder of the E.G.O.-Group (1893 – 1985)


Patent families


Patent families

Increased collaboration is not only beneficial for cross-competence innovation. The companies benefit because they can avoid parallel developments and can split up projects. The innovation teams gave an insight into their work at the in-house “Innovation Expo”. Innovation projects were presented, contacts made, and new ideas shared. CEO Bernd Eckl was very satisfied: “The event once again demonstrated that we are the specialists for the kitchen living space. It makes me very proud that we can combine so much inventive talent and expertise under one roof.

Sustainability Report 2023
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Life cycle assessments, also known as LCAs, consider the life cycle of a product or process from raw material extraction to production, all the way through to waste treatment and recycling. “From cradle to grave”, each step is analyzed in detail.

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