The B.PRO-Group (B.PRO), a system provider of commercial kitchens for catering and industry, was hit hard by the lockdowns and made a virtue of necessity. With innovative products such as the “ION TEC” indoor air purifier and the B.PRO “CPM-600” cutlery packaging machine.

How to best sum up the Group’s crisis strategy? Recognize the signs of the times and react quickly! Developing the two flagship products so quickly under the challenging conditions of the pandemic was a remarkable achievement. But the foundation was already in place. After all, hygienic solutions for commercial kitchens have always been one of B.PRO’s main areas of expertise.


Under the theme #restartgastro, referring to a reviving of the German hospitality and gastronomy sector, B.PRO used the pandemic as a driver of innovation and approached hospitality in a novel way. Many venues did away with the traditional self-service option, for example, as the risk of transferring the virus from one guest to the next is simply too great. B.PRO solutions include mobile cooking stations with a hygiene protection kit and contactless hand washbasins. According to Egon Kofler, Managing Director of B.PRO, the declared goal is “to keep the spirit of hospitality alive.” The benefit is easy-to-implement solutions that still ensure proximity to the guest, an innovative approach that is put into practice in the form of two flagship products.


B.PRO’s special expertise in combating odors during cooking was the starting point for the development of the highly effective ION TEC AIR 80 air filter system, which combines a range of different filters including mechanical, electrostatic, UV light, and activated carbon filters. Viruses, bacteria, germs, and odor molecules are thus reliably destroyed – and the Dresden Institute of Air Handling and Refrigeration has confirmed that it also offers effective protection against COVID-19. It was found to be up to 99.7 % effective!

Luftfiltersystem ION TEC AIR 80
ION TEC AIR 80 air filter system



Besteck-Verpackungsmaschine CPM-600
CPM-600 cutlery packaging machine

Anyone who has ever eaten in a canteen or cafeteria knows that the cutlery dispensing service area is often lacking in the hygiene department. After all, when many different guests rummage around in the cutlery box, each guest touches several sets of cutlery, which are then used by others. That is unacceptable during a pandemic!

However, if cutlery is packaged under controlled hygienic conditions, contamination of it with harmful pathogens is reduced to a minimum. B.PRO’s CPM-600 cutlery packaging machine packs cutlery sets and additional items such as napkins, toothpicks, or salt and pepper in sealed paper or plastic bags, and thus also meets strict hygiene requirements in times of the pandemic.


But it’s not just new products that characterize B.PRO’s image. The former BLANCO Professional-Group has been fully revamped and given stronger structures, along with a new name and a new legal form as a GmbH – the perfect way to shine following the pandemic-related setbacks of the past two years.

The new name is intended to convey a modern and dynamic approach, and agility is reflected in the increased independence of the business units: “B.PRO Catering Solutions” and “Enoxx Engineering,” formerly “Industrial.” This name was chosen with reference to the stainless steel “inox” and the unit’s outstanding technical expertise in project management. “The objective is to be even closer to the customer, to respond even more quickly and flexibly to individual needs. This can best be achieved by making targeted efforts to strengthen the individual business units as the central competence providers,” explains Egon Kofler.


As with all BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding Group companies, sustainability is also a priority for B.PRO and an integral part of its corporate culture. B.PRO products should be natural, resource-conserving and sustainable – another driver of innovation.

The new food transport containers from the B.PROTHERM product family are a prime example of what this can look like. The only refrigerant used in their convection refrigeration is the environmentally friendly propane R290. CEO Kofler knows: “Anyone who wants lasting success and a secure future must think and act with the long term in mind.” According to him, it’s important to “think about what comes after us.” This is sure to benefit employees, customers, and business partners alike.

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