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Turning waste
into art


“Does BLANCO Professional make lamps now?” a trade fair visitor wants to know. And he’s asked exactly the right person – a young man in jeans and a sweater, who enthusiastically explains the “Art and industry” project in just a few words:

“We apprentices spent 14 days using all kinds of leftover pieces from production to make lamps. We designed everything ourselves. We collected the materials from all over the plant and then welded and shaped them into new objects. Up there is my lamp!”

Messestand Kunst & Industrie

Take a look: BLANCO Professional’s exhibition stand promotes the “Art and industry” project


Art and industry, how do they go together? It’s quite simple, really. Together with the Stuttgart-based artist Benjamin Bronni, the apprentices first went on a voyage of discovery through the plant, where the group was interested in the stainless steel scraps they found in the waste containers. The focus is on special shapes because the curriculum is all about creativity. Once in the workshop, participants were surprised to be tasked with making lamps from the scraps. But it’s just waste! The pilot project is called “Art and Industry.” It teaches our apprentices what else can be made from the raw material stainless steel apart from sinks and kitchen taps.

Environmental protection is a rather awkward term for many young people. By converting waste into valued material, apprentices are made more aware of how to use resources sustainably. In addition to the classic training content, the unusual project also promotes “discovery learning,” which is something that is neglected in many corporate training programs.

The apprentices have the opportunity to implement what they have already learned. This not only helps develop their professional skills and knowledge but also has a positive impact on their selfesteem and independence. BLANCO Professional is setting new standards for modern training.


“I couldn’t make amazing objects like these because I’m more analytical, but they [die Lampen] are awesome because the young folks are given so much freedom, and that’s the most important thing about art,” is Benjamin Bronni’s proud conclusion. The created lamps are true works of art!

Kunstprojekt Lampe


BLANCO Professional is presenting this highly unusual project at the renowned Internorga catering trade fair in Hamburg. Where visitors usually crowd around food transport containers and front cooking stations, in March 2019 they got to admire… lamps! Visitors to the exhibition stand were somewhat surprised, but visibly impressed. Not just by the interesting art objects but also because of the innovative idea of introducing apprentices to the handling of materials in creative ways. The apprentices then hopped on a coach to Hamburg to attend the opening event at the exhibition stand. They were able to show visitors their works and also present them to the 300 guests at the event in the presence of shareholder Frank Straub and the Management Board.


Dominik Hirche,
apprentice toolmaker


Well documented: The catalog of the “Art and industry” project documents the creation of the artworks


And an unforgettable time for the apprentices. “This was a great event – the grand finale to a wonderful project. We are very proud of our apprentices and what they have created,” says a delighted Markus Brieskorn, Exhibition and Event Manager at BLANCO Professional. And what do the apprentices themselves think? Dominik Hirche, apprentice toolmaker, speaks for all of them: “Working on creative projects with Benjamin Bronni was very inspiring and a lot of fun. But our trip to Hamburg and the exhibition were of course the absolute highlights.”

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