We are Family…

Pictures of employees

Values such as loyalty, fairness, reliability, and integrity are firmly anchored in its DNA – just as it should be in a family.

It’s the inner values that count

Icon image of a flower pot

That’s what Dominik Lange and Benjamin Schäufele, students and creative minds at the E.G.O.-Group (E.G.O.) thought and gave an ordinary flower pot a complex inner life.

A virtual chat with colleagues

Employees at the Mystery Coffee

Mystery Coffee is an in-house platform where colleagues of the BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding companies can chat. Across continents.

Because health matters most

Graphic on the theme of health

The BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding has been relying on a diverse range of health services in its company groups for years, and this range is regularly expanded and adapted to the wishes of its employees.