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A three-pronged approach to sustainability

Long-term thinking and responsible action have been part of the DNA of our family business for almost 100 years now. We face the ethical, social, and environmental issues of our time with an unshakable awareness of our corporate responsibility. To manage this in the long term, economic success is needed.



Under the abbreviation “3P” or “Triple P”, an action framework has been created in which the business models of the BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding and its companies are enhanced for the purpose of sustainable management.


Innovative minds
on a common mission

Inventiveness was already considered a guarantee of entrepreneurial success during the lifetime of the two BLANCO and E.G.O. founding fathers Heinrich Blanc and Karl Fischer. The benchmark was set early...

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Standardization – why?

Standards or the application of these are often called into question. But the employees of the BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding companies know what the standards are and they apply...

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Not at any price

With the war in Ukraine, rising costs, and regulation, the current pressures on companies are varied and great—also and especially for medium-sized companies. An interview with CEO Bernd Eckl about...

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Shaping the digital transformation together

Besides sustainability, the introduction of digital technologies is currently one of the biggest challenges companies are facing. Everyone is talking about "digitalization", one of the buzzwords of recent years, and...

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In-house recycling

At ETA Tovarna d.o.o. in Cerkno, Slovenia (E.G.O. Slovenia), a project team looked for ways to reduce scrap metal from the stamping shop or to recycle it in a more...

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15,000 sqm

Photovoltaic modules are particularly suitable as a form of renewable energy. A PV system has now been installed on the approximately 15,000 m² roof of the E.G.O. plant in Taicang,...

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The characteristic value concerns emissions into the air, which are released into the atmosphere from a source.

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Thousands of liters
of water saved

The Spanish site of the E.G.O.-Group, E.G.O. Appliance Controls, S.L.U. (EAC), is located in Lliçà de Vall (near Barcelona) in a region severely affected by water scarcity. Employees have therefore...

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Every drop counts

Without water, there is no life; it is the most valuable resource our planet has to offer. Reason enough to systematically investigate the importance of water for the companies of...

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Compressed air offers potential savings

A best-practice example that shows there are potential savings everywhere—including in the production of compressed air. At the production site E.G.O. Elektro-Komponente d.o.o. in Zagreb, Croatia (E.G.O. Croatia), temperature limiters,...

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A real plus

Even during their vocational education, the BLANC & FISCHERTraining Academy enables young people to think outside the box: learning languages, gaining professional experience in another country, and personal development create...

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Focus on people

Worldwide, BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding and its business groups place employees and other stakeholder groups in the focus of social responsibility.

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Framework of

Sustainability Report 2023
as a PDF