Geschäftsführer der BLANC & FISCHER Familienholding Bernd Eckl



The BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding has been characterized by long-term thinking and responsible action since its founding days—and this is also reflected in its approach to sustainability. We see sustainability not merely as a mandatory task, but as our social responsibility. As a driver of innovation towards clean tech, it even gives us a decisive competitive advantage.

A job for the boss

With Triple P, sustainable management has found an official place in the BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding: the key topics PERFORMANCE, PLANET, and PEOPLE are integral components of the corporate strategy. They are the responsibility of the Chairman of the Management Board, Bernd Eckl (PERFORMANCE), and the Managing Directors Technology and Production, Dr. Karlheinz Hörsting (PLANET), and Finance and Human Resources, Benno Rudolf (PEOPLE).


Symbolic image of a set table

More resilient than before

Under the theme #restartgastro, referring to a reviving of the German hospitality and gastronomy sector, B.PRO used the pandemic as a driver of innovation and approached hospitality in a novel...

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Work in the logistics center

No limits

Sustainable supply chains affect all three areas pertaining to the United Nations’ global sustainability goals: business and economy, environmental protection, and social issues.

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Table with hob by ATOLL

Fluid boundaries

With the innovative and stylish products from ATOLL Living Spaces GmbH (ATOLL), you can cook and eat directly at your table or even move the traditional cooking process entirely outside.

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Iconic image of wind turbines

Sustainable (re)thinking

In a total of 50 projects, employees around the world have thought about what they can contribute to climate protection. Their ideas range from reforestation near their location to energy...

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Faucet icon image

A precious commodity

The annual World Water Day has been drawing attention to the special and precious nature of clean water since 1993. The theme of World Water Day 2022 will be “Groundwater...

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Employees of the E.G.O. Italy

Give machinery a second life

When electronic devices stop working, they usually end up in the recycling bin - repairing them is usually not worthwhile. E.G.O. Italy is taking a different path.

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Kitchen sink from BLANCO

Taking responsibility

A stainless steel sink is the most classic feature in any kitchen — and if an old sink is scrapped after many years of use, it can result in a...

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Graphic for the Planet area

World Cleanup Day

The third Saturday in September every year is World Cleanup Day. A great campaign in which many employees from the company groups of the BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding also...

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Pictures of employees

We are Family…

Values such as loyalty, fairness, reliability, and integrity are firmly anchored in its DNA – just as it should be in a family.

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Graphic on the theme of health

Because health matters most

The BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding has been relying on a diverse range of health services in its company groups for years, and this range is regularly expanded and adapted...

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Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability Report 2022
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